POWRMOD 3704 designed for for Avionics and commercial Aviation MRO applications

Meet Samson, the latest offering from:

Modular Devices, Inc., Shirley, NY (MDI) a global supplier in DC-DC Converter technology for Space, Aerospace, Military, and Industrial applications introduces a new model from our POWRMOD product line, specifically designed for for Avionics and commercial Aviation MRO applications.

Series PM3704DC-DC  20W triple output DC-DC converters offer a single +5Vout @ 1A, and ± 12-15Vout @ 400mA.

The PM37404 features the following:

  • No external components
  • Precision machined metal case for heat removal and EMI shielding
  • Common Mode EMI Filters (Input and Ouput)
  • Low Ripple, independently regulated outputs
  • Fast Transient Response Time
  • Simple On-Off control
  • Short Circuit and output overload protection
  • Full magnetic isolation (No Optocouplers)
  • Works through input transients of DO-160G
  • Designed for long life, reliable operation in Avionics environments
  • Power Supply Watchdog signals

PM3704’s come in a 48.27×48.27x10mm machined metal case with corner flanges for ease of mounting and effective thermal management.

All POWRMOD products are available with Commercial Screening (-40°C to +85°C ) or Rugged screening (-55°C to +105°) levels.

PM3704 is designed to suit cost conscious, avionics and MRO applications.

Contact: info@kruse.de  or here.