Model Series 3700 – Basic Building Block DC-DC Converters and EMI Filters

Modular Devices, Inc., Shirley, NY (MDI) a global supplier in DC-DC Converter technology for high reliability applications introduces the 3700 Basic Building Block converter series.

Series Features:

  • Drop-in replacement of popular competitor models allows easy incorporation into existing or new system
  • Specifically designed for demanding military and aerospace applications where best value is
  • Higher Efficiency and Power compared to competitors
  • No External components required
  • Fully Isolated design
  • Magnetic feedback (No Optocouplers)
  • Input Ripple Current Inductor
  • Output Common Mode Spike Filter
  • Inhibit-Not Function
  • Power on Soft Start
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Choice of PCB or Chassis mount
  • Various Grade/screening levels available to suit any reliability
  • EMI filters to meet MIL-STD-461 and other