MEDICAL CONNECTOR TECHNOLOGY from BIX and EDAC, as well as cooling for medical devices


Karl Kruse, the specialist for the international localization and procurement of electronic and electromechanical components, incl. Obsolete and scarce parts, checks Karl Kruse beforehand all the building blocks that are needed for a medical device in order to make correct recommendations for customer wishes and markets.

The medical environment requires rugged connectors that often deliver extremely accurate signals in adverse conditions. Sealed, high-reliability connectors that provide maximum benefits while enduring long product lifecycles are widely used in medical devices. Medical applications require the highest quality components, Bix and EDAC provide the very best solutions in full compliance with established medical design parameters.

Medical connectors in plastic and metal housings for all types of sterilization, IP68 degree of protection, disposable items, multiple plug cycles, high number of poles and medical grade cables and assemblies.

Karl Kruse offers connectors that are ideal for electronic medical devices such as surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, disposable devices, pacemakers, hearing aids, therapeutic and dental equipment. Customized designs and cable assemblies are also possible.

Typical series are the following connector series: M, I, B, F, HDC as well as cable assembly.

Cooling for medical devices

Medical technology is operated at different supply voltages around the world. Karl Kruse offers fans from Orion fans with either AC, DC or wide-range voltage input for powering the electronics and drive. For mobile battery operation and low power consumption are DC fans.

The fans in axial, diagonal or radial design are aerodynamically designed for a high flow rate with quiet running and can be used, for example, for cooling of CT devices, PET scanners and MRI machines.