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Karl Kruse will begin its annual winter shutdown on December 24, 2020. After that day, the team will be out of the office, returning on Monday, January 4, 2021.

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Karl Kruse would also like to make our customers aware of the impact of Chinese New Year on lead-times. From February 8th to February 18th, 2021, manufacturing factories will be closed which will affect manufacturing times significantly.

Karl Kruse recommends placing orders early to reduce the possible impact on your business and would like to remind customers of the current shortage in ICs which is already impacting lead times on displays, especially on TFT products. We expect deliveries to extend by at least a further four weeks.

The team at Karl Kruse would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and vendors for their support in a challenging year which has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year. Have a happy and safe holiday season.

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Healthcare – Reliability, Security, and Longevity Industrial Flash Memory

Medical applications require very high standards for safety and reliability. You need to address issues such as patient privacy and strict legal regulations.

Medical technologies should be fast, accurate, reliable, and compatible with connected devices to improve the quality of patient care and to avoid or minimize medical errors. In addition, healthcare applications require instant access to and retrieval of patients’ historical medical records so that doctors can offer the best possible treatment at the most convenient time, especially in critical moments when even milliseconds are important to saving a person’s life.
Cervoz (sales Karl Kruse) has various form factor flash modules that use superior flash ICs such as endurance MLC, reliability-optimized MLC and Powerguard functional products to ensure that the data can be processed correctly in real time to avoid life-threatening risks .

Flash module with DRAM buffer

The purpose of designing an additional DRAM chip in the flash module is to increase both performance and life.


A DRAM chip in a flash module has exactly the same function as a cache on a hard disk. While the flash module is operating, the controller throws small data into the DRAM chip to respond immediately. The DRAM chip acts as a directory that helps the controller assign data to the assigned positions. Therefore, it shortens the response time and increases the performance.


When comparing flash memory with DRAM, there is no restriction on the programming / erase cycles for DRAM, whereas this is the case with flash memory. Every time the controller tries to program a data sector in flash storage, it must erase an entire flash block before it is reprogrammed. However, the DRAM buffer can collect small amounts of data up to a certain amount before it is sent to the flash memory. This shortens the programming / erasing times for the flash chips and therefore increases the lifespan.

Reliability-optimized MLC (Cervoz Reliance Series)

“The Cervoz Reliance series uses their Reliability Optimized-MLC (RO-MLC) technology. Cervoz uses special firmware to control MLC NAND flash that uses only the strong sides of MLC NAND as memory. The technology is manipulated at the block level and the capacity of each block is cut in half by treating it as an SLC.
As a result, RO-MLC significantly improves its performance: data retention is increased five times, and most importantly, reliability is ten times higher than with conventional MLC NAND flash. RO-MLC offers higher density solutions at lower costs compared to conventional SLC NAND Flash and at the same time optimizes its reliability and performance, ”said Klaus Kruse Managing Director at Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG.

This unique technology from Cervoz has made the Reliance series (RO-MLC technology) extremely high value for money, and the price is only twice that of MLC. In terms of return performance, data retention and reliability are more than twice as high (SLC is typically about four to six times more expensive than MLC). The Reliance series is a perfect solution for medical, semi-industrial and industrial applications that require moderate to high read and write cycles and at the same time require cost-effective solutions.
Powerguard (protection against power failure)

Powerguard is a PLP (Power Loss Protection) technology developed by Cervoz. The Powerguard function provides additional power during an unexpected power failure to complete the current flash write process and to protect the firmware and map the table integrity.
Cervoz develops the Powerguard flash modules with additional tantalum capacitors to save these additional charges. Take Cervoz Powerguard mSATA for example. The integrated tantalum capacitors are permanently charged with 12 V and keep the power supply as long as the data storage of the mSATA is still running.

Cervoz was founded in 2006 and specializes in embedded components for the demanding industrial PC market. Cervoz has been building our industry experience for over a decade. They know this industry very well and are therefore able to offer their high-quality embedded products with legacy and mainstream technology, long-term availability, parts list control, high reliability and maximum compatibility.

Cervoz offers various flash modules with RO-MLC technology, including 2.5-inch SATA SSD, CompactFlash card and CFast card.
Cervoz Wide Temperature Flash Modules support operating temperatures from -40 ° C to 85 ° C; Wide temperature DRAM modules support operating temperatures from -40 ° C to 95 ° C, which work flawlessly under extreme environmental conditions. Cervoz solutions can operate in thermal shocks and thermal cycles, making the products exceptionally durable in harsh environments. In addition, Cervoz wide temperature products offer excellent performance and low power consumption.

Cervoz develops these modules specifically for a variety of robust and industrial applications, e.g. B. for applications in the fields of factory automation, transportation, games, medicine and outdoor signage as well as military applications.

Contact Karl Kruse at Schirmer Strasse 59, 40211 Düsseldorf
by phone at + 49-211 27403530, e-mail to info@kruse.de or in the shop at www.kruse24.com.

OLED, LCD, TFT and customized display solutions for industry

Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG, based in Kaarst is now the authorized distributor for OLED, LCD, TFT and custom displays for the Chinese manufacturer Tsingtek displays Company Ltd for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a specialized partner to display the processing industry, it is our strength in customer-specific solutions.

The focus of the products are the application areas and target groups of customers with applications in automotive, measurement, analysis, medical, audio and video, energy, security, household and water treatment technology, telecommunications and household goods and many more.

Tsingtek Displays Company Ltd of China, one of the leading suppliers of display products in China. Established since 2002, Tsingtek uses the latest high-tech techniques and processes to design and produce displays that range from a simple LCD alphanumeric component to the more complex LCD and OLED Graphic Modules. Their advanced production facilities utilize COB, SMT, COG, and TAB processes to support the production of standard and customized display modules with many font, voltage, power and temperature options.

Highlights at the Embedded at booth 268, Hall 1

At Embedded in Nuremberg from 24 to 02/26/15 the Kaarster Karl Kruse shows GmbH in cooperation with the company Open China Gateway in Hall 1, Stand 268 amd the wide range of display products, including LCD, OLED, TFT and custom modules.
For signed visitors, we keep free admission tickets. Please contact to arrange an appointment and tickets please email and info@kruse.de.

Overcurrent power protection for industrial applications

The AirMatrix® Family (mains voltage fuses) has been developed especially for the over-current protection of AC voltage circuits and is widely used in power applications. Based on an innovative technological platform, AEM (Sales Karl Kruse) has successfully developed the family with unique polymer materials, product design and manufacturing process. AirMatrix® fuses have a higher reliability, stability and PPR.
AEM’S AIRMATRIX 2410 is the industry’s smallest fuse with 250VAC. The operating temperature of -55 ° AIRMATRIX operates at up to + 125 ° C. The series met with several safety standards such as UL, PSE, TUV and CQC.
The AIRMATRIX surface mount devices (SMD) are lead-free, halogen-free and RoHS 2A (250VAC / 125VDC), 2.5A – 10A (125VAC / 125VDC) and 12A – 20A (65VAC / 65VDC) 0.5A.
As a distributor of AEM we are specialist for fuses, those will fulfill important functions in LCD TV, LED Lighting, Battery Pack protection, telecom / datacom, computer server / storage system, power adapters, backlight drivers and in industrial applications and medical technology.

AC / DC solution for an efficient auxiliary power

Lauma and Karl Kruse cooperate

Karl Kruse is now an authorized distributor for Micro Switch Mode Power products from the Italian manufacturer Lauma Elettronica for Germany and the rest of Europe.

The agreed cooperation Karl Kruse expanded its product portfolio tohigh-quality micro switch mode power products in the SMR and SML series.
The smallest modules of SMR20 are very small, consumes between 2.5 to 15 W at 70˚C and have standby power dissipation is 0.15 W. dimensions are 23,5×23,5x17H.Die high quality products are certified TA 70 ˚-90˚-105˚.
The low standby power consumption <200 mW, will help to speed up future designs as you meet the EUP regulation <500mW.
The system integrates the bridge rectifier, power filters, switching and Power Transmission, Transformer, secondary rectification, filtering capacitor, isolated feedback network to produce a regulated output voltage of 24 V DC 3.3VDC.

“These new SMR products can replace EI transformers because they have the same pin-out,” said Klaus P. Kruse.
IECEE all UL, UL eu, UL Class 2, CE approved – The products are RoHS compliant.

Lauma Elettronica’s SMR20, SMR30, SMR38, SMR42 and SMR48 are flyback converter with galvanic isolation between the AC input and DC output. The output voltage is controlled by a closed feedback loop.

How Karl Kruse GmbH & CO KG solves obsolescence issues for electronic industry

OEMs face the risk of electronic component obsolescence daily and we are aware that our customers have come to a avoid a disruption of the supply chain expect, “says Klaus Kruse, CEO of Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG. For many years as an obsolescence specialist Karl Kruse GmbH & Co. KG works constantly on the optimisation of obsolescence strategies. In the focus stand solution attempts, beginning by the search of alternative components, 100% of retraceability of the components, up to the protection from obsolescence like read time Buy, EOL – and PCN service etc.

Karl Kruse offers alternative components of various manufacturers and is also an authorized distributor for Calogic and Tsingtek.

Calogic offers a range of reliable working and long-term available standard Replacement diodes, JFETs and MOSFETs. Especially the obsolete JFETs Vishay / Siliconix, there are of Calogic. Calogic designed and manufactures discrete and analog ICs for the use of automation, computers, instrumentation, medical applications, power management, Transportation and Telecommunications.

“We can offer a very successful alternative to the discontinued MOSFET BSS83 NXP locate and this have been able to qualify for the bill at our OEMs in the Automilbranche and industry. Even devices with wired enclosures, such as TO-92, there are still at Calogic” says Klaus Kruse

“The problems with displays we have known and have been working for approximately 1 year with great success with the company Tsingtek together. Our customers in the medical, industrial, air -and- space need for your products a minimum life of 5 years or more” says Klaus Kruse.

OLED, LCD, TFT and customized display solutions for industrial and commercial. Tsingtek is a leading provider of display products in China. Founded in 2002, Tsingtek uses the latest high-tech methods and processes to design and produce displays, ranging from a simple LCD alphanumeric component to more complex LCD and OLED graphics modules. Your use modern production COB, SMT, COG and TAB processes to assist in the production of standard and customized display modules containing many fonts, voltage, power and temperature options.

The focus of the products are application areas and target groups of customers with applications in automotive, measurement, analysis, medical, audio and video, energy, security, budgetary and water treatment technology, telecommunications and houseware and many more.

Iridium Solutions from Maxtena

Maxtena Iridium Solutions
Maxtena’s line of Iridium antennas are fully Iridium network certified and designed to compliment a wide range of applications, including fleet, asset & personal tracking, handheld devices, satellite telephony, utility monitoring, and more.

What do you need?

Helical Solution
Patch Solution
External Solution
Custom Solution

AEM Introduces Surface-Mount Fast-Acting Fuses for Low-Power Applications

AEM Introduces Surface-Mount Fast-Acting Fuses for
Low-Power Applications

Fiberglass enforced epoxy chip fuses combine low DCR, high inrush withstand
and fast clearing time; low current ratings and 0603 package ideal for portable electronics

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Sept 2015— AEM Components introduces its latest series of fast-acting low-power SMD fuses. The new thin-film T0603FF Series, available with current ratings from 0.15A to 5A, combines high inrush capability with very fast clearing at 200% of rated current. The low-profile, 0603 packaged body is constructed with fiberglass enforced epoxy technology combined with nickel and tin-plated copper terminations. The T0603FF Series is ideally suited for battery-powered applications including notebook computers and tablets, cameras, toys, Bluetooth earphones, and other portable electronics devices.

Key Features:
• Ultra low DCR
• Current rating from 0.15A to 5.00A
• Low profile compact footprint (0603 package size) with thickness of as low as 0.3 mm
• Lead-free, Halogen and RoHS Applications:
• Battery-powered applications
• Notebook computer and tablets
• Cameras
• Toys
• Bluetooth earphones
• Portable devices

Go to: http://doc.aemcomponents.com/catalog/AEM_T0603FF.pdf to download technical data for the T0603FF Series

For samples pls contact us.

Embedded Antenna Solutions

Helical Antenna Integration

We really like helical antennas, and our Helicore antennas are ideal for custom integration.Unlike many helical antennas, Maxtena’s Helicore Technology allows for easy integration and embedding. We typically use a standard 3-prong connector for embedding purposes, but our helical antennas can be easily customized for integration.

GPS Patch Antenna Integration

We are experts when it comes to integrating GPS patch antennas into any housing.We are pretty familiar with patch antennas, and we know how to get the best integration for the best price point! We’ve got great tips and tricks for your to try, or we can assist directly with your integration.

Custom Connectors

Most of our off-the-shelf products can be tailored to your project! Our off-the shelf antennas are great for many applications, but sometimes SMA connectors don’t cut it. When that happens, just let us know! We are able to customize our products with most standard cables and connectors.

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Alliance Memory expanding their line of legacy low-power CMOS SRAMs with a new 8M IC (512K x 16 bit) in the 48-pin 12-mm by 20-mm TSOP-I package. Available from a very limited number of suppliers and recently discontinued by another manufacturer, the AS6C8016-55TIN operates from a single power supply of 2.7 V to 3.6 V and offers a fast access time of 55 ns.

The AS6C8016-55TIN features low power consumption with a typical operating current of 30 mA and standby current of 1.5 µA. The IC provides high reliability and power savings for low-power portable electronics and industrial, telecom, medical, automotive, and networking applications, and is particularly well-suited for battery backup non-volatile memory.

The AS6C8016-55TIN is fabricated using very high-performance, high-reliability CMOS technology, and its standby current is stable within the operating temperature range of – 40 °C to + 85 °C. The RoHS-compliant device offers fully static operation and tri-state output, and it features a data retention voltage of 1.2 V minimum. All inputs and outputs are fully TTL-compatible.

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