With over four decades of experience behind us, we are the specialists for marketing surplus stock in the electronic industry, and we offer you a complete solution, from services to the best added value. You can register online in our website, and from there you can offer any surplus stock that you would like to sell. This marketing system helps you to reduce your high inventory and capital costs. We guarantee to get the best possible market price, at the time, for your surplus stock. You offer your inventory in our network, which is connected to other electronic component buyers. As a further service, you can search worldwide for microchips or other components, information about market prices, delivery times, or technical data about semiconductors. We will treat your private data with extreme discretion, and quality and reliability are our cornerstones.

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Our worldwide network only connects selected Contract Manufacturers (CEMs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), franchised/independent distributors, and others who actually have inventory on stock.
It doesn't matter if you want to find or buy products; KrusE-Net treats your data strictly confidentially. You must register to buy or sell goods.Simply register, and you will quickly experience all the benefits offered to you by KrusE-Net.