POWRMOD offers unique design features that are not found in competitor’s products, such as built in EMI filters, synchronous rectification and output common mode filtering. POWRMOD converters are packaged in environmentally resistant six sided electrically and magnetically shielded cases. All internal heat dissipators have well designed thermal paths to the case, high quality, reasonably priced DC-DC converters that include all necessary aspects that customers require in high reliability applications.


POWRMOD DC-DC converters are built with high quality components, such as only solid Tantalum or MLC capacitors, magnetics with high temperature wire and high quality printed wiring boards. Instead of optocouplers, POWRMOD uses magnetic coupled isolation. All active and passive components are conservatively derated. Semiconductors are derated to withstand spike and surge conditions.


POWRMOD provides comprehensive and knowledgeable application engineering advice to help you select the best product for your application. If our standard product is not optimum for your application, our application engineers may be able to offer a custom modification.

Powrmod Applications Guide



POWRMOD offers comprehensive testing and screening options to suit every application and program requirement. POWRMOD DC-DC converters are manufactured in the USA in an ISO9001-2008 facility. 

Performance and Screening Specifications