Modular Devices Inc

Modular Devices, Inc. (MDI) designs and produces an exceptionally wide range of power supplies for military, aerospace, and commercial space applications. From single converters to robust converter assemblies, MDl’s high-reliability hybrid DC-DC converters with built-in EMI filtering offer optimum technology in the smallest, lightest packages for the most demanding specifications.

MDI can produce unique power electronic functions quickly and efficiently with its in-house thick film hybrid facility and magnetics capability. Furthermore, the company’s extensive inventory of proven designs and automated design techniques drive MDl’s realistic development costs-and lead time.

As a USA-based, ISO 9001: 2008 registered company, Modular Devices Inc. offers the accessibility, resources and experience to accommodate your diverse and most challenging requirements.

Available opportunities and benefits when selecting MDI products:

The best choice for the development of power systems and the layout.

Autonomous and semi-autonomous systems, custom packages that meet the requirements of customers.

Assistance in the selection of parts, standard components with the minimum number of measurements;constructionor a new custom design.

Development and production of a wide range of standard and custom power supplies for aircraft, aerospace, military and industrial use.

Optimal solutions for each product.

A thorough computer analysis using thermal management, which ensures high reliability.

Inclusion in their development of new technologies and advances in the sphere of high-frequency engineering.

Possibility of combining several hybrid DC/DC-converters in semi-custom or custom systems with high density assembly.

VME, SEM E Layouts or Custom layout.

MDI successfully manufactures power supplies installation for unique products.

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