La compra de Guidelinies

Our global purchasing team is constantly looking for the best suppliers for a long term and successful cooperation.
The continuous improvement of our products is directly related to the satisfaction of our customers. Our suppliers contribute significantly to ensure high product quality and thus ensure our standards of quality.
At the same time we come together with our suppliers, the growing global competition certainly contrary. If you enjoy working to develop new, innovative ideas, always operate cost-conscious and place high demands on the quality, you get the best conditions for a cooperative customer-supplier relationship with.

Karl Kruse has made a commitment to quality, the environment and health and safety by developing processes and implementing & maintaining registered management systems to ISO 9001:2008
Quality is the fundamental ingredient to our success as an organization and an inherent part of our culture and philosophy.
We are continually working to optimize our internal processes and our logistics routines.

Supplier development
We need capable and innovative suppliers for goods and services, with whom we cooperate in an open-minded and fair manner on a long-term basis. We respect our suppliers as independent contractors, and we actively promote supplier development.

Environmental awareness
We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and take this into account when selecting materials, packaging, disposal and logistics.

Fairness and transparency
We make our purchasing decisions solely on the basis of objective and plausible criteria. When it comes to selecting suppliers, assessing supplier performance ans implementing goal,we reach internal agreements and proceed on the basis of standardized criteria and procedures.

As a matter of principle, we refrain from accepting any kind of benefit; this is prerequisite to granting all parties involved the independence needed to reach this goal.

Customer satisfaction
Karl Kruse’s purchasing objectives are based on the needs and satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we expect our suppliers to offer precisely what we offer our customers: competence, quality, reliability and flexibility. We can develop the ideal customer solution together in this manner.

The international focus of our product solutions and the integration of powerful suppliers worldwide, we realize the crucial product benefits for our customers.

Supplier Relationship
Karl Kruse’s success is based on long-term, cooperative and trusting relationships. Therefore, we expect our suppliers to be prioritized, high performance, open communication and innovation in the joint development process.

Constant improvement
We are constantly improving the structures and operations in the entire purchasing process. Sophisticated SCM strategies and best-practice solutions are the basis of our work.