Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Totally Integrated Automation, industrial automation , making engineering efficient.

Making key technologies available for todays and next generation markets and applications for Industrial Automation like.

Here are the markets:

Energy Management  with Power Conversion, Power Generation  and Power Control & Protection

Manufacturing  with Automation, Process Control and Test & Measurement

Primary Sector with  Drilling and  Mining

Service Industry wtih Advertising & Information, Electronic Payment and Gaming

Transportation with  Aviation and Railway.

The term “industrial automation” may evoke images of hugely complex systems, but it actually refers to technologies that are designed to make industrial production processes simpler. Here are the applications:

Advertising: Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk

Automation: HMI,Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Robots,Programmable Logic Controllers

Computing: CNC Numeric Controllers, Data Visualisation, Data Storage, Embedded Peripherals, Single Board Computers, System on Module

Gaming: Betting Terminal, Pin Balls, Slot Machines

Measurement : Automated Test Equipment, Lab Test Equipment

Motion Control: diverse Motor Controllers, Position Encoders,Servo Drive

Payment: Automated Teller Machines, Banknote Readers/Validators, Cash Dispensers/Recylers, Cash Registers, POS Terminals,Vending Machines , etc.

Power Conversion : Induction Heating, Power Converters, Power Generator,Power Supplies UPS, Welding Machines

Process: Counters + Timers, Fan Controllers, Interface Converters, Pump/Valve Controllers, Temperature Controllers

Vison: CamerasCode Readers/Scanners, Frame Grabbers, Intelligent Transport Systems, Machine Vision

Industrial Automation manufacturers are:

  • Only original parts
  • No Counterfeiting parts
  • 100% Traceability is guaranteed
  • You will get the complete manufacturer guarantee
  • You will get a manufacturer CoC
  • Quality Agreements possible
  • Qualified Consulting and design support