Automotive IC

In the field of Analog & Mixed Signal especially, supplying core technology ICs for Automotive, Smoke-Detector, Earth Leaking Detector, LED Lighting and Home-Appliances, IK Semicom Co., Ltd is the professional IC`s design-leading fabless semiconductor company.

  • Automotive POWER ASIC    
  • Alternator Regulator with RVC Interface 
  • Alternator Multi Function Regulator 
  • Active MOSFET Rectifier for Alternator
  • Power Folding for Outside Rear view Mirror
  • Automotive LDO 
  • Automotive Sensor ASIC 
  • Automotive Room Lamp Module     
  • Wipe/Wash Wiper Control IC
  • CAN Controller / CAN Transceiver



  • Automotive Motor Driver
  • Automotive LDO
  • Automotive Communication
  • Automotive ASIC
  • Power Folding
  • Alternator Regulator
  • Alternator Rectification FET Controller
  • Head Lamp Leveling Driver
  • Inductive Stop Lamp switch Sensor
  • Fluxgate Sensor
  • SoC Room Lamp Module


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