Франча́йзинг Проду́кты

  • Power Management Units, High Power DC/DC Converters
  • AC/DC PWM Controllers and Konverters
  • LED Lighting Optionen


AEM Electronics (USA), Inc. is an award-winning high-tech company serving the information and telecommunication industries with its leading technologies in proprietary materials, patented processes, and specialty equipment for the manufacturing of multilayer ceramic components.


Power & chip inductors, LAN / telecom magnetics, transformers, RJ45 connectors with magnetic


By producing world-class LED lighting products, ALT offers complete LED lighting solutions to customers around the world. ALT’s products include MR16 series, BR series, bulb lights, decoration lighting, streetlights, recessed lights, T8 tubes and grow lights. Such products cover all kinds of major lighting applications, including for residential, commercial, hotel, bouquet sop, office, parking lot and street lighting purpose.


Calogic offers standard products, special selected, assembled and custom type products. Primary technologies include unique, high speed Dielectrically Isolated designs with surface mount packaging to introduce wideband, high slew rate buffers; a wide variety of discrete capabilities that include high speed lateral DMOS, low on resistance vertical DMOS switches, low noise, low leakage JFETs and high impedance MOSFETs that are excellent building blocks for today's applications such as D to A converters, choppers, analog switches, buffers, amplifiers, automatic gain control, relay circuitry, etc.


EI30/EI38 Transformer, Easy Power, Electromagnetics , Power LED Driver, Railway Lighting


CapXon was founded in 1980 and is specified on manufacturing electrolytic capacitors. With a production surface of more than 100,000 m ² CapXon is valid as one of the biggest manufacturers of such condensers. In two manufacturing sites in China and Taiwan with a total of 2,500 employees electrolytic capacitors are made after the most modern technologies and ISO-compliant. Standard products and special electrolyte kondensatoren belong to the extensive and innovative port folio for the areas Consumer, industry, car and communication .

Aluminium Capacitors, SMD, Radial, Snap-In


Complete range of SMD common mode filters:
  • common mode filters
  • wire-wound / multi-layer chip beads
  • shield / unshielded inductors
  • multi-layer ferrite / ceramic chips
multi-layer chip low pass filters, multi-layer chip antenna, thin film,, Chokes, Coils, Beads, Toroids, DC/DC Converters, Transformers, Filters, Antennas, Resistors, & Telecommunications, xDSL & LAN Components etc.


TV and HDTV Encoder , DVD and PC to TV Encoders, DVI Transmitter SDVO and LVDS Transmitter, MPEG to TV Encoder


Coaxial Components Corp. makes many RF Coaxial connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, and associated products. If you have special requirements, we can quickly produce the part you need.


Terminal blocks


Hi Voltage, INGaN and AIGaInP LED Products for LED Lighting, LED Backlighting and LED Display


Goodsky is a professional electromechanical relay manufacturer for Telecommunication, Automotive , General Control, Home Appliance and Accessories applications.


Professional manufacturer for aluminum electrolytic capacitors


Hi-Power LED (0.5W-100W), Hi-Power LED Module(50W-100W), Hi-Power Light Bar Module(15W, 30W), Extra Bright LED (3mm, 5mm, Oval), Infraread Emitting Diodes (850nm, 880nm, 940nm)


Innodisk provide a variety of flash memory solutions . You can search for advanced industrial/ embedded memory products. Focusing on the variety market demand, InnoDisk provides both consumer and industrial storage solutions, the company develops, manufactures and markets NAND flash storage products for a wide range of application platforms. To boost competitiveness with cooperation, InnoDisk also licenses its IP (Intellectual Property) in number of countries.

CF/IF-Cards , Solid State Disk,Disk on Module (IDE,USB, SATA) USB-DOM, Memory Moduls


Manufacturer of semiconductors and optoelectronic devices like: optocouplers, optoisolators, optoswitches and optosensors, over fifteen years on the market.


Established in January 1987,we are a Shenzhen based Sino-American joint venture that manufactures LCD products.Our major products are standard and customized LCD panels and LCD modules in many configurations. They are widely used in industrial instruments , audio appliances , mobile phones and remote controls etc.


Diodes, Mosfet, Transistor, IC, RF, Opto Device, Thyristor


Krusetronic is working with leading memory module manufacturers in Taiwan. We supply high quality Flash-based Data Storage Solutions to the Industrial, Embedded, Telecommunications, Military, Automotive, and Aerospace markets .We have over 15 years of combined knowledge and experience in the memory industry & long term relationships with major semiconductor & controller vendors. We are capable of developing series of product with excellent quality, remarkable performance, and high reliability as well as competitive pricing.

Focusing on the variety demand, we offer a full selection of Industrial rated and Commercial rated Storage Devices which covers all relevant interfaces, including Industrial Flash Card , IDE / PATA Drive on Module ( DOM), and SATA SSD, in combination with state-of-the-art flash handling utilizing the qualities of Single Level Cell ( SLC) & Multi Level Cell ( MLC) NAND flash respectively.

Our misson is to deliver the highest quality, most cost effective, flash-based data storage solutions to meet customer requirements tomorrow, today.


High performance GPS antennas. Precision GPS (L1/L2), and Smart-X™ phased-array antennas (12dBi performance with Omni-directional coverage) with 3-axis stabilization for global asset tracking. antenna array design, propagation effects, system design and engineering services


Memoright in-house develops and manufactures high-end and ruggedized SSDs. Its SSD solutions, in capacities ranging from 16-256GB, have made inroads into specialized applications including military, industrial control system,s aviation, business servers, and storage systems.


RJ45- connectors, X| Synergy, IP67- Connections


Connector, IC Socket, PGA Socket, 2 in 1 Connector, Pin Manufacture wire harness, board to board connector, wire to board connector and other electronic ...


Nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and rechargeable lithium batteries & battery packs.


MvpLED Chip, LED Chips, LED Components, UV LED


General Purpose-, Fast Recovery-, Schottky Barrier-, High Voltage -, Bridge Rectifiers, Transient Voltage Suppressor -, Switching Diodes.


Manufacturer of Semiconductors geared to the Military, Industrial and Aerospace applications. Semitronics delivers new and innovative semiconductor solutions while, at the same time, maintaining the production of mature and obsolete semiconductor devices. Diffusion, Assembly and Testing to MIL-PRF-19500. DSSC Certified. Discrete Semiconductors,Hi-Rel Fuses,Hi-Rel Chip Beads ,Power Semiconductors, Photovoltaic MOSFET Drivers, Power Semiconductors, Solid State Relays,Capacitors Circular Connectors & Accessories , Circuit Protection,Custom Hybrids,Electromechanical, Filters, Inductros, Resistors


LEDs drivers for display and channel letters.